Tylar WC Murray's Abridged Portfolio

Interdisciplinary PhD with a passion for data visualization/analysis, UI design, and software engineering.

Gamified Education and Behavior Change

I lead development of a space exploration edu-game called The Oregon Trajectory , published PhD dissertation based on my work in developing a modeling toolkit called BehaviorSim to aid health behavior change intervention design, coded an android live wallpaper designed to help kids exercise more using only a cartoon avatar, and have been a key contributor in development of the Cosmosium Engine and Asteroid Ventures Prototypes.

Scientific Research and Data Science

I have explored, visualized, and published on a wide-ranging medley of scientific data. Some of my favorites include: a PulsarMapper to re-create the pioneer/voyager map (and more), visualization methods for analyzing many behavioral intervention events (interventionViz), an exploration of genetic algorithms within Conway’s game of Life (LifeGenes).

Robotic and Digital Agents

I particularly enjoy coding controllers, whether that means writing embedded C for a wearable UV dosimeter, AI scripting for one of my games, or using genetic neural networks to give cells in Conway’s Game Life the power of movement. This passion and my coding skills pair well with my education in electrical engineering, physics, and human-computer interaction --- allowing me to branch out into emerging robotic and IoT applications.