Tylar WC Murray's Abridged Portfolio

Interdisciplinary PhD consultant with a passion for data visualization/analysis, pragmatic software engineering, FOSS, and science!

If you would like to meet pick an unclaimed time from my calendar and send me a 1 page or less description of meeting expectations including your suggested buget (justification unnecesary). Payment is not expected until after the meeting has ended. A history of consultations completed is maintained in This gsheet

Teaching and HCI

As a Physics/CS undergraduate at a small liberal arts college in 2008 I discovered a passion for teaching sciences in my work as a computer science, physics, and math tutor for fellow undergraduates. Interacting with fellow students 1-on-1 at this early stage in my career taught me how to adapt to individuals with different learning styles and backgrounds. As a graduate student I worked several semesters as a TA for Introduction to Circuits, and was able to hone my skills in lecturing and lesson planning. As my PhD work steered towards Human-Computer Interaction, I found myself teaching in less direct ways as I published and presented works designed to bridge a knowledge gap between Behavioral Science and Control Systems and programmed educational tools based on emerging theories of gamified learning and adaptive human-computer interfaces. In my current work as a Research Software Engineer I take every opportunity to share my knowledge of linux systems, programming, and data analysis with my collaborating postdocs and students. I have been enjoying the opportunity to share knowledge as an adjunct professor teaching physics labs since 2020-01.

Scientific Research and Data Science

I have explored, visualized, and published on a wide-ranging medley of scientific data. Some of my favorites include: a PulsarMapper to re-create the pioneer/voyager map (and more), visualization methods for analyzing many behavioral intervention events (interventionViz), an exploration of genetic algorithms within Conway’s game of Life (LifeGenes). I firmly believe in Free and Open Source Software ideals. I push for permissive licensing, open data, and have demonstrated dedication to these ideals by averaging over 1800 public "contributions" per year for the last 5 years on github alone.

FOSS+Linux Software for Systems and Data

I became a Linux advocate in 2007 and have never looked back. I run various distros on my personal computers as well as on my servers. Through my extremely diverse role at USF IMaRS I have been able to explore topics such as virtualization, containerization, cloud computing, high-performance cluster computing, distributed storage, database design, task orchestration, server maintainance, and software packaging. I particularly enjoy coding controllers, whether that means writing embedded C for a wearable UV dosimeter, AI scripting for a game, or using genetic neural networks to give cells in Conway’s Game Life the power of movement. This passion and my coding skills pair well with my education in electrical engineering, physics, and human-computer interaction allowing me to also branch out into emerging robotic and IoT side projects when for when consumer products just don't quite scratch that itch for a particular physical technology.

Next Up...

Although happy in my current role at USF IMaRS I my personal research interests have solidified around data analysis and visualization on the topics of Gene Regulatory Networks and Cell Signaling Pathway Networks. Please contact me if you see an opportunity to collaborate in one of these areas.

I am open to employment opportunities in roles supporting research in aforementioned topics or related bioinformatic and gerontology data science + sytems/software development.

If you are a recruiter for a big corp, bank, insurance agency, department of defense contractor, or similar: you probably aren't willing to pay me enough for me to work for your client; I will ignore your messages or intentionally waste your time.